ABC Language Solutions

ABC Language Solutions is a professional translation agency that offers a full range of language solutions for personal and corporate clients. We are a leading Canadian translation agency fully certified under ISO, Canadian and European translation standards. By providing professional translation services we can help you communicate with confidence around the world or around the corner – sell more, reduce expenses and risks, find new job or career. To your success!


Are you trying to overcome linguistic and bureaucratic barriers in Canada?

Maybe you are a new immigrant and you want to evaluate your diploma degree, or maybe find a better-paying job for which you need to upgrade your education or prove your work experience and need to translate your documents. Perhaps, you just want to exchange letters or marry someone from another country, sponsor your parents, adopt a child or sell property abroad. ABC Language Solutions is an affordable and precise translation company that specializes in making sure your documents, manuals, and procedures are accurately translated.

ABC Language Solutions has extensive experience in providing certified translations of documents such as:


  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Driving Licenses
  • Police Clearance Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates

  • Employment records
  • CV/Resumes
  • Work Records
  • Reference Letters

  • Medical Records
  • Immunization Shots
  • Doctor's Notes
  • Medical Insurance Claims

  • Diplomas
  • Transcripts
  • Degrees

Would like to know more?

Do not put your job and career at risk. Turn to professionals! By providing accurate translation of your foreign-issued educational and other official documents we can help you integrate into new life, find a good job and advance your career faster.

Work Process

Providing certified translations is a challenging task that demands not only a professional translation, but also a thorough review. Personal documents often contain names and other details that may not even exist in the target language. We recommend providing spellings of your names and any other specific terminology in the target language to avoid inconsistencies and mistranslations.

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